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Alabama Vaccines for Children (VFC) Enrollment Packet (NEW)

Dear Health Care Provider:

Thank you for your interest in Alabama Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program Enrollment Packet.

To enroll in the VFC program, please complete the eform, which contains:

  1. Provider Agreement
  2. Provider Profile Form/ Tool
  3. Medicaid Data Sheet (required form will load immediately upon submission of the VFC Enrollment Packet)
  4. Vaccine Storage Capacity
  5. Emergency Response Plan
  6. VTrckS ID Voucher (complete, scan, and email them to or fax to 1-800-706-8507)

After your enrollment form is submitted and approved, a VFC Program representative will contact your office to arrange an initial visit to:

  1. Review the VFC Program
  2. Review your vaccine storage and handling procedures
  3. Provide continuing education and immunization-related materials
  4. Train you and your staff on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) online vaccine ordering system (VTrckS)
  5. Place your first vaccine order
  6. Answer any questions

Periodic quality assurance site visits by a VFC Program representative are required. The federal legislation that created the VFC Program states that the provider must:
  1. Make VFC patient records available to the state
  2. Participate in VFC program compliance site visits, including unannounced visits and other educational opportunities
  3. Follow-up visits to improve your immunization practices

If you have any questions, please contact the Alabama VFC Program at 1-866-674-4807.