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Worksite Wellness is making a healthy difference for Alabama's state and public education employees. The Worksite Wellness Division’s main purpose is to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate worksite wellness programs. The Division’s state-level staff work in coordination with the Wellness staff in county health departments to provide Wellness services statewide.

For more information on services we provide, visit Services.

For news and upcoming events, visit What's New.

Flu Shots for State and Public Education Employees

Looking for a location to get your health screening or flu shot? State employees should visit the SEIB Wellness Schedule. Public Education employees should visit the ADPH Online Calendar.

State Wellness Center and Pharmacy

The State Employees’ Insurance Board is proud to announce the opening of the new State Wellness Center and Pharmacy, located downtown Montgomery in the capital complex. Visit our State Wellness Center page for hours of operation and a list of services offered.

PEEHIP Wellness

Beginning October 1, 2012, the Public Education Employees’ Health Insurance Program in partnership with the Worksite Wellness Division, will offer health screenings, influenza vaccinations, and bone density scanning for its members. Please visit our PEEHIP Wellness page for information about upcoming screenings.

Wellness Premium Discount Program

All active employees covered under the State Employees’ Health Insurance Plan (Group 13000) are eligible for a wellness premium discount. Each wellness plan year is December 1 through November 30 and every active employee must be screened either through the SEIB’s worksite wellness screening program or by a healthcare provider (through the submission of a physician’s certification form). Visit our SEIB Wellness page to find a screening location.