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Be You. Be 3: Smart, Strong and Safe.

Did You Know?

  • Nearly 3 in 10 teen girls in the U.S. will get pregnant at least once before age 20. Thatís more than 700,000 teen pregnancies each year.
  • Parenthood is the leading reason why teen girls drop out of school.
  • The daughters of young teen mothers are 3 times more likely to become teen mothers themselves.
  • The sons of teen mothers are twice as likely to end up in prison.
  • About 9.5 million adolescents and young adults (ages 15Ė24) are diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) each year. Many STDs have no signs or symptoms.

Sources: Stay Teen and Office of Adolescent Health

Be Smart

  • Know your body.
  • Know the risks of sexual behavior.
  • Know your options.

Be Strong

  • Stand up for your values and beliefs.
  • State how you feel.
  • Learn assertive techniques.

Be Safe

  • Abstinence (not having sex) is the only sure way to not get pregnant or get an STI.
  • If you are sexually active, visit a health care provider to talk about which type of birth control is right for you.
  • Consistent and correct use of male latex condoms can reduce, though not eliminate, the risk of STD transmission.

7 Principles of Smart Relationships

1. Seek a good match. Look for common interests.
2. Pay attention to values.
3. Donít try to change the other person into someone he or she is not.
4. Donít try to change yourself just to get someoneís love or friendship.
5. Expect good communication and donít run from conflict.
6. Donít play games and donít pressure or manipulate someone.
7. Expect respectóhave a bottom line.

Source: Relationship Smarts PLUS Curriculum


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