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New Rule 420-3-26-.15

Physical Protection of Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material.
This new rule replaces previous security orders referenced by condition on certain radioactive material licensees.  The implementation date assigned for this new rule by the Office of Radiation Control is March 19, 2016.  The expectation is that all affected radioactive material licensees will be in full compliance with the new rule by March 19, 2016.

To assist licensees with this new rule, the following documents and reference material are available.

Differences between the IC Orders and the New Security Rules

Rule 420-3-26-.15 to NRC 10 CFR Part 37 Cross Reference

Rule 420-3-26-.15 Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to Additional Questions Collected

Condensed Information for Implementation of Rule 420-3-26-.15 

Compliance Checklists 1 through 4 

Workshop Handouts

NRC NUREG-2155 - Implementation Guidance for 10 CFR Part 37

NRC NUREG-2166 - Physical Security Best Practices for Protection of Risk Significant Radioactive Material 

NRC NUREG-1959 - Intrusion Detection Systems and Subsystems:  Chapter 4. Interior Intrusion Detection Sensors

2016 Industrial Radiography Examination Schedule

2016 Exam Schedule and General Information

2016 Radiological Emergency Assistance Contacts
Use for Incidents Involving Radioactive Material

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