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CoIIN: Smoking Cessation

Smoking harms the fetus, the newborn infant, and the young child as well as the mother. Smoking during the last two trimesters greatly increases the risk of stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, premature delivery, neonatal death and low birth weight. Data for 2010 shows that 15.9 percent of pregnant women in Alabama continue to smoke during their pregnancy. Approximately eight percent of infants that die within one week of birth are the result of secondary conditions from the mother smoking during pregnancy. The goal is to decrease the tobacco smoking rate by three percent among pregnant women in Alabama by December 2013.

Women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have:

  • An ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus).
  • Irregular vaginal bleeding.
  • A placental abruption (when the placenta becomes detached from the uterine wall).
  • A placenta previa (a placenta that is low lying and covers all or part of the uterine opening).
  • A stillbirth (an infant born after 20 weeks gestation with no signs of life at delivery).

Babies born premature or low birth weight (less than 2500 grams) as a result of smoking are at increased risk for:

  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Death

Breathing in someone else’s smoke is extremely harmful for pregnant women and young infants. Babies exposed to secondhand smoke:

  • Have a greater risk of dying from SIDS or SUDI.
  • Have a greater risk of having:
    • Asthma
    • Ear Infections
    • Bronchitis
    • Pneumonia
    • Slow Lung Growth

Millions of today's children will die early from smoking if we don't do more to reduce current smoking rates, as shown by this video from surgeongeneral.gov.


By quitting smoking:

  • You will never have to look for a place to smoke.
  • You will have more time to spend with your baby, families and friends.
  • You will have whiter teeth.
  • You will have fresher breath.
  • You will have a healthier heart.
  • You will have healthier lungs


Team Leaders

Dave White
State Capitol
600 Dexter Ave. Room NB-04
Montgomery, AL 36130
Phone: (334) 353-7480
Alt. Phone: (334) 430-8267
Fax: (334) 242-0936

Julie Hare
Director, Public Information Unit
Statewide Tobacco Control
Alabama Department of Public Health
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1276
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 206-3830
Fax: (334) 206-2064

Team Members

Robin Collins
March of Dimes- Alabama Chapter
State Director of Program Services
450 Century Park South Suite 200-B
Birmingham, AL 35226
Phone: (205) 824-0103
Fax: (205) 824-0710

Jean Fulton, Nutritionist Administrator
Bureau of Family Health Services, WIC Division
Alabama Department of Public Health
201 Monroe Street
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 206-2956
Fax: (334) 206-2914

Sherry George, Director
Women’s Health Division
Alabama Department of Public Health
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1350
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 206-2976
Fax: (334) 206-2983

Elana M. Parker Merriweather, M.Ed., M.L.A.P., A.L.C.
Health Equity Programs Manager
Bureau of Professional Support Services 
Office of Minority Health
Alabama Department of Public Health
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1040
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 206-7980

Robin D. Rawls, MBA
Director, Communications
Alabama Medicaid Agency
P.O. Box 5624
Montgomery, AL  36103-5624
Phone: (334) 353 - 9363
Cell: (334) 414-1261

Timothy “Tim” Stone, MD
Medical Director
Department of Mental Health
(RSA Union 5th Floor)
100 North Union Street
P.O. Box 301410
Montgomery, AL  36130
Phone: (334) 353-8755
Cell: (334) 467-7478

Gayle Whatley, RN,WHNP-BC
Alabama Department of Public Health
Perinatal Director, Central Region
University of Alabama in Birmingham
OSC 252
1720 Second Avenue South
Birmingham, AL  35294
Phone: (205) 934-6254
Cell: (256) 282-0022

Charline Whyte
Jefferson County Smoking Cessation Program
Jefferson County Department of Health
1400 6th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233

Dr. Mark Wilson
Jefferson County Department of Health
Health Officer
1400 6th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL  35233
Phone: (205) 930-1504

Tammie Yeldell
Research Analyst
Bureau of Family Health Services
Alabama Department of Public Health
201 Monroe St., Suite 1350
Montgomery, AL  36104

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