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The following are notices and announcements issued by the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).

Featured Notices

Requests for Proposals: Alabama Abstinence Education and Personal Responsibility Education Programs - The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Branch has two new grant opportunities available. Proposals are due by April 20.

Measles 2015: What We Need to Know - Visit ADPH's Immunization page for the latest information on the recent measles outbreaks, including a presentation from Dr. Karen Landers, Assistant State Health Officer.

Ebola Virus Disease - Visit ADPH's Ebola Virus Disease page for the latest information on the 2014 outbreak, including our Quarantine Policy.

Scale Back Alabama - The free statewide weight-loss program designed to encourage Alabamians to get healthy and to have fun while doing it runs from January 6 to April 24.

Past Notices

2013 Annual Report - Our 2013 Annual Report is now available online.

WIC 2015 State Plan - The WIC Program seeks public comment about the 2015 State Plan. The plan may be reviewed online between September 2 through September 16.

Infant Mortality Collaborative Effort - ADPH is working on a collaborative effort, the Alabama Perinatal Excellence Collaborative (APEC), to lower infant mortality and improve maternal and infant health in Alabama. The March of Dimes has funded the PEACE-P smart phone app that provides obstetric providers with easy access to APEC guidelines at the point of care.

Asthma Burden Document - The Alabama Asthma Program (AAP) has released the 2013 Alabama Asthma Burden Document.

Breast Cancer Treatment Education - ADPH has developed an informational summary regarding breast cancer treatment options for patients diagnosed with breast cancer for physicians and hospitals to disseminate.

2012 Healthcare-Associated Infections in Alabama Annual Report - The 2012 Healthcare-Associated Infections in Alabama Annual Report is now available. Alabama's hospitals again outperformed the nation in the prevention of healthcare-associated infections.

ABC's of Sleeping Babies - Babies sleep safest when they sleep alone on their back in an uncluttered crib or other safe sleep surface.

Alabama Cancer Facts and Figures 2012 - The Alabama Cancer Facts and Figures 2012 publication is now available online.

Alabama Seafood Testing - To ensure the safety of our seafood, the Alabama Departments of Agriculture and Industry (ADAI), Conservation and Natural Resources (Marine Resources Division) (ADCNR/MRD), and Public Health (ADPH) have instituted a three-year seafood testing program in cooperation with British Petroleum.

Birthing Facilities Recognized - Alabama hospitals have been recognized for their outstanding effort in newborn screening specimen collection.

Cancer Control Plan for 2011-2015 - The Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition has unveiled its five-year cancer control plan.

Establishment Closings - ADPH reports closings of food service establishments and lodging and body art facilities online.

Fishing Consumption Advisories - Concern about protecting the public from possible exposure to mercury from eating fish led to the issuance of several new fish consumption advisories for Alabama.

GAL - Get A Healthy Life - The choices you make now can impact your health today, tomorrow and even the health of your children. Make the time to learn about choices you can make to achieve a healthier life.

Influenza Surveillance - ADPH is monitoring which strains are circulating and where disease activity is occurring.

Local Air Quality Monitoring Studies - Employees of Gadsden and Montgomery bars and restaurants that allow smoking are breathing very unhealthy amounts of pollution because of exposure to secondhand smoke, according to a recent study.

Notifiable Disease Rules - ADPH has updated the Notifiable Disease Rules and launched an awareness campaign "DETECT, TEST and REPORT Notifiable Diseases" to all notifiable disease reporters.

Prescription Drug Abuse - If you have ever shared your prescription medication with a co-worker, family member, classmate, or friend, you may be part of the prescription drug abuse problem.

Proposed Regulations - Proposals to adopt, amend or repeal regulations pertaining to public health topics in Alabama can be found on Laws/Regulations.

Scale Back Alabama - The purpose of the 10-week contest is to help our state fight its challenge with obesity by encouraging Alabamians to lose weight, to exercise, and to have fun while doing it.

Timing is Everything - The best outcomes are seen for babies born at 39 to 40 weeks.

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