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Alabama Voice Response System

Welcome to the Alabama Voice Response System (AVRS), a Newborn Screening Information System, offered by the Alabama Department of Public Health.  The AVRS provides 24-hour, seven-days-a-week telephone reporting of screening results in 30 seconds or less directly through the toll-free number 1-800-566-1556.

Under the Alabama Administrative Code, Chapter 420-10-1.04, the Department of Public Health may release results of newborn screening tests to any physician registered with the Alabama Voice Response System under the terms and conditions of the system without a signed release from the parent or guardian.

The AVRS was designed to allow physicians quick access to Newborn Screening results.  Using the AVRS is simple.  The system provides step-by-step instructions using a touchtone telephone to obtain the information.  Using the AVRS you can verify:

  • if the specimen has arrived at the laboratory.
  • the specimenís testing status.
  • test results, if completed.

The AVRS requires pre-registration with the screening program and positive identification of the caller through two security checks.  Physicians are prompted by the system to enter their state license number preceded by zeros, if needed, to make a seven-digit number, in addition to the entry of a four-digit personal identification number (PIN).

How Do I Register?

Physicians may register with the program by completing the Alabama Voice Response System Registration Form.

Return the completed form to:
Alabama Department of Public Health
P.O. Box 303017
Suite 1350
Montgomery, Alabama  36130-3017
Phone:  334-206-7065
Toll Free:  1-866-928-6755
Fax:  334-206-3791

Applicants will be notified when their form has been processed.

How Do Physicians Get a PIN?

Each physician chooses an individual PIN and records the number on the pre-registration form.  The PIN must be four numeric characters.

It is your responsibility to safeguard your PIN.  Do not allow unauthorized access to your confidential number.  If your PIN is ever lost, stolen, forgotten, or if you suspect someone has gained access to it, immediately call Family Health Services at 334-206-7065 or 1-866-928-6755, and a new PIN will be assigned.

How Does the System Work?

Information on the AVRS is provided initially by recorded voice messages.  After calling 1-800-566-1556, you will be told that you may listen to a short instructional presentation, or you may bypass the instructional text by pressing "1."  If you elect to listen to the instructions, press "1" at the end of the instructions to continue your log-in procedure.  After pressing "1," you will be told to enter your seven-digit physicianís license number, i.e. 00XXXXX (enter seven digits, including the zeros at the front of your license number).  You then will be asked to enter your four-digit personal PIN number.  If this is the first time you have used the AVRS, you may be asked to change your PIN number.  Please remember and protect this new number.  If at anytime you suspect your PIN number has been compromised, contact the NBS Program at the numbers above for assignment of a new PIN number.

After verifying your license and PIN numbers, the AVRS will ask you to identify the report you are looking for by entering either the six-digit test kit number, found at the lower right corner of the test paper, or the motherís Social Security number.  Wait until you are asked to enter these numbers before actually entering them.  If you enter them too early, they will not register, and you will be forced to start over.  Use of the kit number will result in fewer additional required entries and will be the least time consuming. 

Follow the ensuing instructions to ensure that the appropriate report has been received.  If the report has been received, the AVRS will spell out the report number, the infantís last name, the infantís gender, if known, the infantís date of birth, and the date the test was collected.  You will then be told that all tests were normal, or if any of the tests were out of normal ranges. 

You will not be given specific results of any test over the phone.  You will be asked if you would like a copy of the complete NBS Report faxed to you.  If you choose to have the report faxed to you (recommended), you will be asked if you want the report sent to the fax number you provided when you initially registered for the program, or if you want it sent to a new fax number that you must provide.  After dealing with your faxed report, or if you declined the sending of the fax, the system will ask if you want to search for additional reports, and the sequence will begin again with the entry of a new test kit number or a motherís Social Security number.

After you have finished looking for all your reports, press "3" to end your call.

If you have questions about registration for AVRS, contact the numbers listed above.  If you have questions about the reports themselves, contact Danita Rollin at 334-260-3400 or 1-866-928-6755.

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