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Students Against Destruction Decisions (SADD)

The Alabama SADD Program has 165 active SADD chapters across the state. The Program is funded by State Farm and coordinated by the ADPH Injury Prevention Branch.

The purpose of SADD is to empower youth to make positive choices about underage drinking and other destructive decisions. Students are encouraged to take leadership roles and determine the direction in which to take for each individual chapter. We provide resources and assistance in guiding the chapter advisors through the process of initiating and maintaining a chapter with special programs, conferences, and educational resources.

Annual Conferences

The Alabama SADD Program holds mini conferences within the spring and the fall coordinated by various organizations funded by ADPH Injury Prevention Branch through State Farm. Additionally SADD Alabama coordinates with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Children's Hospital of Alabama and Alabama Department of Transportation, and Injury Free Kids on teen driving summits which includes an education and interactive piece to teach on best practices behind the wheel. Other Conferences offer numerous speakers covering topics on alcohol use, safe dates, drunk driving, etc. Conferences also include simulation activities, multimedia presentations, and live entertainment and comedy. 

Prom Campaign Resources

Recovery and Rebuilding After April 2011 Tornadoes

Commendation is in order for Alabama SADD and its support of the community in times of tragedy. Robertsdale High School raised funds for tornado victims this past spring. They have made a donation to the American Red Cross. Holy Spirit Catholic High School is a part of a church that was used to provide shelter for families displaced by the storms. We are extremely proud of our SADD students and advisors for taking the time and effort to assist those in need. This is the sprit of great SADD chapters. There are many more that we have not directly heard form, and we appreciate your hard work and dedication as well.


  • Alabama has the second highest rate of teen driver death, behind Mississippi.
  • Twenty-one percent, more than four million of the U.S. youth, aged 16-20 engaged in drunk or drugged driving according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) latest report. Only 4% were arrested and booked for driving under the influence. Youth who lived outside of metropolitan areas and in small metropolitan areas made up the highest percentage.
  • Over 6,000 teenagers die each year in motor vehicle crashes and over 250,000 teenagers are seriously injured in motor vehicle crashes each year.
  • One of the main causes of deaths in the SADD age group is the use of alcohol and drugs while driving or as a passenger.
  • Twenty-five percent of the young drivers between 15 and 20 years old who were killed in crashes were intoxicated.
  • Surveys tell us that 68% who use drugs regularly drug and drive, and that 48% of teens who drink regularly drive after drinking.
  • More than five million high school students binge drink at least once a month according to the National Center of addiction and Substance Abuse.
  • Individuals who begin drinking before the age of 15 are four times more likely to become alcohol dependent.
  • One-third of sixth through ninth graders obtain alcohol from their own home according to the same study.
  • The total cost attributed to the consequences of underage drinking is more than $58 billion per year according to Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.



Folashadè Ayanwale, M.A. CPST
Alabama Child Death Review Public Health Educator
SADD State Coordinator
Injury Prevention Branch
The RSA Tower, Suite 960I
201 Monroe Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104
Phone: (334) 206-5657
Fax: (334) 206-0343
Email Injury Prevention Branch

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