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Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition

The WIC Nutrition Program provides nutrition screening, education, and food instruments for pregnant and postpartum women, infants, and children up to five years of age who are income eligible and who have nutritional risk factors. An appointment is required for the initial assessment, which includes height/weight screening and hemoglobin check.

Pregnant women and children one to five years old may get milk, eggs, cheese, juice, cereal, fresh fruit or vegetables, dried beans and peas or peanut butter, whole wheat and whole grain bread or brown rice or corn/wheat tortillas. Women breastfeeding only may get all these foods and maybe canned tuna fish and salmon. Breastfeeding supplies are available, such as manual breast pumps and nursing pads. Infants may get infant formula if not totally breastfed, infant cereal and stage two baby fruits or vegetables.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

WIC Approved Foods for Women and Children


Select 1% or 2% fat reduced, fat free, whole milk, calcium enriched, or acidophilus treated in gallons or 1/2 gallons. Lactose free and lactose reduced, in quart or 1/2 gallon containers only. The following are approved only when specified on the food instrument: evaporated (canned milk), nonfat dry milk (powdered), ultra-high temperature, goat milk (Meyenberg evaporated brand only). No flavored milk, buttermilk, or condensed milk.


Large white or brown plain eggs only.


Domestic cheeses only, including processed American, Swiss, cheddar, mozzarella, colby, and monterey jack. May be low-fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, sliced, hoop or block. No cheese food, spread, product or imitation cheese. No string, shredded, mixes, cubes or deli cheese. If food instrument specifies 16 oz., you may get one 16 oz. or two 8 oz. packages.


  • Orange, grapefruit, orange-grapefruit juices - Any brand of 100% juice without added sweetener.  You cannot get fruit punch, fruit drink or drink ades.
  • Pineapple, grape juices - Any brand of 100% juice without added sweetener. You cannot get fruit punch, fruit drink or drink ades.
  • Apple juices - Any brand of 100% juice without added sweetener. You cannot get fruit punch, fruit drink or drink ades.
  • Juicy Juice - All flavors of Juicy Juice, including punches, are WIC approved. 
  • 100% A - C - E vitamin rich V - 8.
  • Cranberry juice - Select Northland cranberry and Northland cranberry juice blend.


Select any combination of cereals with ounces close to, but not exceeding, the specified amount on the food instrument.


Choice of 100% whole wheat and whole grain in 16 oz packages.  Brown rice or corn or whole wheat tortillas.

Peanut Butter

Any brand in 16-18 oz containers. No brands that are whipped, spreads, low fat, organic, combinations with jelly or honey.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Cash-value vouchers for fresh produce available for children ages one to five years and adults are redeemable at the grocery store.

WIC Approved Foods for Infants

  • Infant formula - Approved brands. Call for details. 
  • Infant cereal - Select any brand, 8 oz. container without fruit.
  • Infant fruit or vegetables - Stage two 4 oz jars or 7 oz. package.
  • Other foods are also available for WIC participants with certain nutritional risk factors.

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