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Enforcement Actions

The inspection and regulation of food establishments and other facilities in Alabama is the responsibility of the Alabama Department of Public Health environmental staff at the county health departments and the Division of Food, Milk and Lodging (FML). The Department issues enforcement actions where immediate hazards exist or where compliance is not obtained voluntarily.

An establishment is required to immediately cease operations in the event of any of the following: extended interruption of electrical or water service, complete lack of refrigeration, complete lack of hot water, sewage backup, misuse of poisonous or toxic materials, onset of an apparent foodborne illness outbreak, or other circumstance that may endanger public health, including an inspection score of less than sixty. Operations are not resumed until an inspection indicates conditions constituting an imminent health risk and a substantial hazard no longer exist.

Below is a list of recent (within the last 90 days) enforcement actions for food service establishments, lodging facilities and body art facilities. In most instances conditions are corrected and the establishment can reopen within a few hours. To verify the current status of a particular establishment, contact the Environmental Office of the local county health department.

Food Establishments

Brewbaker Primary
4445 Brewbaker Drive 
Montgomery, Alabama 36116
Date Closed: 02/11/14
Reason: no available water

Cucos Express
31 South Court Street 
Montgomery, Alabama 36105
Date Closed: 02/05/14
Reason: no hot water

Fitzpatrick Elementary
4055 Fitzpatrick Blvd 
Montgomery, Alabama 36116
Date Closed: 01/14/14
Reason: no available water

Fort Faith
215 Bridadoon Way 
Ramer, Alabama 36069
Date Closed: 01/14/14
Reason: no available water

Hope Christian Development Center
620 Eastern Blvd 
Montgomery, Alabama 36117
Date Closed: 01/10/14
Reason: no hot water

5336 Atlanta Highway 
Montogmery, Alabama 36109
Date Closed: 12/26/13
Reason: no hot water

Marengo Cafe
219 East Washington Avenue 
Demopolis, Alabama 36732
Date Closed: 12/12/13
Reason: no hot water

Taqueria Valencia
150 Cahaba Valley Road 
Pelham, Alabama 35124
Date Closed: 11/20/13
Reason: no water

837 Gulf Shores Parkway 
Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542
Date Closed: 11/01/13
Reason: no hot water

Waters Outback Cooking
24120 Fountain Street 
Robertsdale, Alabama 36567
Date Closed: 10/15/13
Reason: unsatisfactory water source

2935 South McKenzie 
Foley, Alabama 36535
Date Closed: 10/15/13
Reason: no hot water

Stop N Go
4715 Mobile Highway 
Montgomery, Alabama 36108
Date Closed: 09/30/13
Reason: no hot water

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Lodging Facilities

In most cases closure orders for hotels only affect one room or a small number of rooms and not the entire facility. To verify the current status of a particular establishment, contact the Environmental Office of the local county health department.

Town and Country Motel
2414 Highway 31 South
Athens, Alabama 35611
Date Closed: 11/19/13
Reason: Insect infestation

Western Inn
104 Vanity Fair Drive
Butler, Alabama 36904
Date Closed: 10/15/13
Reason: Insect infestation

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Body Art Facilities

Symbolic Ink
8388 Highway 59 Suite 5
Foley, Alabama 36535
Date Closed: 11/15/13
Reason: No hot water

Twizdid Needlez
23445 Highway 24
Trinity, Alabama 35673
Date Closed: 10/31/13
Reason: No hot water


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Last Updated: 02/12/14

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