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stockpile suppliesStockpile Supplies

Buy one item each time you shop to build a two- to four-week stockpile.

Stockpile supplies should include:

  • Soap and alcohol-based (60% minimum) hand sanitizer
  • Fever/pain reducer, cold/flu symptom medications, and anti-diarrheal medications
  • Thermometer
  • Prescription medications, medical supplies, and equipment
  • Pedialyte, juices, electrolyte drinks, and bottled water
  • Tissue, paper tissue, and paper towels
  • Household cleaners, bleach, rubber gloves, face masks, garbage bags
  • Non-perishable food that is easy to prepare such as canned soup, granola bars, and crackers
  • Baby food and diapers, if needed
  • Pet food, if needed

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