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About Us

The Cardiovascular Health (CVH) Program's mission is to provide leadership in the state of Alabama to prevent death and disability from heart disease and stroke, eliminate disparities in health and health care, and work with its many partners to fully implement a plan focusing on policy and system changes in the worksite, healthcare, and community settings.

The CVH Program will focus on the following priorities as it works toward the goal of better heart health in Alabama:


Addressing control of high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol in adults.


Increasing knowledge of signs and symptoms for heart disease and stroke and the importance of calling 9-1-1.


Improving emergency response.


Improving quality of heart disease and stroke care.


Eliminating disparities.


Focusing on healthcare and worksite setting.

2010 Alabama Heart Disease and Stroke Burden Document

The 2010 Alabama Heart Disease and Stroke Burden Document is now available!  Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in Alabama. This document includes narrative and state maps that provide evidence-based information to express the issues regarding risk factors, death rates, and access to care for Alabamians.  Throughout the document, Alabama is compared to the national rates of death, disease, risk factors, and costs surrounding Heart Disease and Stroke.

2010 Burden of Heart Disease and Stroke

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