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HIV/AIDS Statewide Calendar

The following table provides a centralized listing of all events related to HIV/AIDS in the state. If you would like to request an event be added to our calendar, complete the HIV/AIDS Statewide Events Form. Please allow 2 business days for us to process your request. Send questions and attachments to hiv@adph.state.al.us.

Alere/Oraquick Rapid Test Training

Ongoing Throughout 2017

Training Schedule

Training for Alere Determine HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Comb (conducted by Emma Randazo) and OraQuick Advance HIV-1/2 (conducted by Pam Pitts) will be available throughout 2017. Check the training schedule for dates, times and locations. For more information, contact Brenda Cummings at 334-206-5364 or at brenda.cummings@adph.state.al.us.

Free HIV Testing (Dothan and Troy)

Ongoing Throughout 2017
Walgreens, 3574 Montgomery Hwy, Dothan, Alabama
Walgreens, 100 Elba Hwy., Troy, Alabama

Testing Schedule

The Alabama Department of Public Health will provide free, confidential HIV testing at Walgreens locations in Dothan and Troy throughout 2017. Download the testing schedule for locations, dates and times. For more information, contact Jacky Snell, ADPH HIV coordinator, at 334-678-5920.

FC2 Female Condom Online Masterclass



The FC2 Female Condom Online Masterclass is now available, with nine episodes covering topics from gender to value based communication to behavior change to how-to-use instructions for the female condom. View all nine episodes online.

HIV Fundamentals Online Course



The goal of the HIV Fundamentals Online Course is to provide an in-depth review of issues related to HIV transmission and prevention and in the HIV prevention and care program setting. Specifically participants will learn the necessary foundational information to perform their roles in the HIV prevention workforce as they complete each step in the course.

The course is a self-paced module in 3 main sections (about 20-30 minutes for each section) that provides foundational information, interactive practice exercise, knowledge checks, and downloadable resources to support your ability to understand the key issues affecting HIV prevention and care and our ability to effectively provide high impact prevention to both high risk HIV-negative individuals as well as people living with HIV. The course can be completed in one sitting or you can return to the site multiple times and pick up where you left off (be sure cookies are enabled on your browser).


OraQuick Advance Rapid HIV - 1 & 2 Training


Online Training

The OraQuick Advance Rapid HIV - 1 & 2 Training is now available online. You will need to complete a professional data profile before accessing the video. Please allow 40-45 minutes to complete the training.

CDC Rapid HIV Test Online Training Course


Online Training

The Rapid Test Training course can be accessed at the HIP eLearning Center by clicking on the "Online Training" link and selecting "Rapid HIV Testing - Online" in the "Interventions and Courses" drop-down menu. Once participants enter their login or create a new login, they complete the PIF and enter the course. The modules will take approximately five hours to complete in one setting. Participants may also start the online course, save their progress and return to complete the remainder of the course.

HIV/AIDS Disease Information System - Counseling and Testing Form


Annual Refresher Training

Refresher training for the HIV/AIDS Disease Information System  - Counseling and Testing Form is now available online.

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