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PHHS Block Grant Funding Uses

The Block Grant is the primary source of flexible funding that provides states the latitude to fund any of 265 national health objectives available in the nation's Healthy People 2010 health improvement plan.

The PHHS block grant is used to support clinical services, preventive screening, laboratory support, outbreak control, workforce training, public education, data surveillance, and program evaluation targeting such health problems as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, emergency medical services, injury and violence prevention, infectious disease, environmental health, community fluoridation, and sex offenses.

Because of the variance in the allowable uses of the funds, no two states allocate their block grant resources in the same way, and no two states provide similar amounts of funding to the same program or activities. A strong emphasis is being placed on adolescents, communities with little or poor health care services, and disadvantaged populations. The states depend on the block grant to support public health funding where no other adequate resources are available.

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