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Vaccine Preventable Diseases Coloring Page

Clicking on the picture of the disease will allow you to view and print a full-size copy of that disease to color. You may also view and/or print larger illustrations without the descriptions of each disease.

Diphtheria drawing

Hepatitis drawing

HiB drawing


This rod-shaped villain's name comes from the Greek word for "leathery skin," affects the lungs, and may cause skin lesions.

Hepatitis B

This villain travels in body fluid droplets and affects the liver.


This villain has fangs because its name comes from the Greek words for "blood loving."

Influenza drawing Measles drawing Mumps drawing


This villain is shaped like spheres and/or tubes, is surrounded with H's (hemagglutinin) and N's (neuraminidase), and can cause a runny nose.


This villain causes a rash all over; red, swollen eyes, and is closely related to mumps.


This villain causes your cheeks to become swollen and puffy.

Pertussis drawing Pneumococcal drawing Polio drawing


This villain causes "whooping cough" with uncontrollable gagging.


This villain has a complex outer layer,
prefers winter months, and can cause ear infections.


This villain can cause legs to wither and become weakened.

Rubella drawing Tetanus drawing Varicella drawing


This villain is a toga-virus and is also known as the German Measles.


This villain is shaped like a drumstick, causes painful "lockjaw," and can be found in dirt.


This villain is known as the "chicken pox" and causes red bumps to break out on the skin.

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