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Community Preparedness

The Alabama Department of Public Health recommends that all families take health and safety precautions to be prepared in the case of an emergency or an all-hazards event.

As part of its emergency preparedness campaign Get 10, the department is encouraging all Alabamians to create an emergency supply kit containing 10 essential items that can help families survive an emergency.

“Creating this emergency supply kit is easy, and it can prove to be lifesaving,” said State Health Officer Dr. Donald Williamson. “These 10 items can be helpful whether a family needs to evacuate or shelter-in-place.”

Prepare for All-Hazards

Learn more about the hazards that affect Alabama and what you can do to keep your family safe.

All Hazards:  What are They and How Can I Prepare? You will need PowerPoint Viewer to view this file. (6 MB)

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